Obsession Of Beauty Essay

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The Obsession of Beauty For decades, movies have portrayed villains as scar-faced and “ugly”. The heroes make an appearance, represented as tall and “beautiful”. But who’s to say which is which; beautiful or ugly. Generations, past, present, and future, have stared into the eyes of models and T.V. stars and felt it impossible to match the beauty standing before them. “Self-image is the perception that one has of oneself. Self-worth is the value that one places on oneself. Self-esteem is a combination of these things along with the confidence that one has to have a strong, positive sense of oneself,” (Cardelean). Social media platforms leads us to a generalization of how bodies should look, and not always is it in a positive manner. From a young age, girls are taught if they were blessed with good looks, they have no need worry about a successful future. A man with a stable job and good income will come along for them to marry. In the short story, “The Beauty Treatment” by Stacey Richter, the main character’s best friend slashes her face with a razor blade. Prior to this, she was seen as incredibly beautiful and her mother had high hopes for her to marry a rich, Jewish doctor, like she had. After she gets stitches, she states, “It was such a blessing, she…show more content…
In this particular region, there is no T.V. or internet. The content of the study was to test how images can change people’s ideas about the ideal body shape. Eighty volunteers were split into two groups; one group was shown pictures of plus-size models and the other of thin, size-zero models. After they had gone through all the pictures, the participants were asked to describe their ideal body shape. Those who were shown the images of plus-size models described them in a way to fit that standard, and vice versa for the size zero models (Thorpe). The conclusion on the test shows how much an image can change the perspective of those viewing them.
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