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A study on the recurring elements and sub-genres of science fiction literature Introduction Science Fiction is a literary genre that deals with imaginative writing and incorporates elements that originate from science or scientific rudiments. It belongs to the category of speculative fiction and usually explores the impact of science and technology on the society. Science fiction has been a major literary genre consisting of various sub-genres and themes within it. A complete and inclusive definition of science fiction is difficult. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, science fiction or sci-fi as it is often shortened is “fiction dealing principally with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals or having a scientific…show more content…
3. Alternate History This type of science fiction emerged from the premise that historical events may have turned out differently and that there is an alternate timeline of reality. Philip K, Dick’s The Man in the high castle (1962) is an alternate history where the Nazi Germany and the Imperial Japan won World War II. Another example is Isaac Asimov’s short story What If which talks about a couple who can explore alternate realities. 4. Military Science Fiction A science fiction work set in a military background is called a military sci-fi. There are major conflicts between nations, planets or states that result in a condition of war. The story is usually told from the viewpoint of a soldier. Such kind of stories includes the details about military technology, procedure, and history. Technological advancement are basic to the plot and the conflict between military powers is central to the storyline. Examples include The War of the worlds by H.G Wells and Starship Troopers by Robert A.…show more content…
Theories relating to the galaxy and the origin of the worlds are often depicted in science fiction novels. This was initially done because of the little or no knowledge regarding the structure of the universe. But later, it developed because of the power of the human mind to do fantastical or speculative works. Alien Languages and the concept of Language Metamorphosis Alien languages that are spoken by extraterrestrials like Klingon and Huttesse are often a recurrent element in sci-fi literature. There are also the mentions of all humans speaking one single language like Esperanto. The possibility of the current language evolving or splitting is also another element. This is evident in Orwell’s 1984. The language Newspeak in 1984 tries to simplify the current English language which is called Oldspeak. Technological Innovations Most science fiction features some kinds of technological innovations. New inventions and gadgets are part and parcel of science fiction literature. H. G Wells in his The Time Machine presents the scientific innovation of a time travelling machine.The machine allows the passenger to travel to and forth in time. Also the use of sophisticated weaponry like ray guns and laser beams are also a recurrent theme in many of the dystopian science fiction

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