Censorship In Canada

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Over the last few years the topic of censorship has been a controversial issue, as people have their own viewpoint on what its purpose is in society. Censorship can be defined as “an act of changing or suppressing speech or writing that is considered subversive of the common good" (merriam-webster). The government in Canada has set laws for broadcasting, movies, print, and the Internet which limit the content that are permitted to be shown on these platforms. Also, the Human rights commissions have laws that state " In Canada under the CHRA it is illegal for any person to make a statement which “is likely to expose a person or persons to ‘hatred or contempt’ by reason of the fact that the person or those persons are identifiable on the basis…show more content…
For example, "A Serbian Film" was brought to the big screen in 2010 and contained extreme violence causing controversy worldwide and eventually was censored and banned. If censorship did not exist this movie could have influenced people to act in negative ways. Not only is censorship a form of protection, it's a way to respect people’s values and traditions. Everyone in this world has their own beliefs and values, but sometimes these values and beliefs can violate human rights, therefore censorship is important. Censorship also protects national security; "the act of censorship helps prevent terrorist groups from learning about dangerous technological advances and can help hide sensitive military information"(c-laws).Censorship plays a large role today to assure the safety of the younger generation, prevent unnecessary panic among the public, and prevents hate speech and the spread hate ideologies through…show more content…
People all over the world are now connected to each other through a click of a button. The use of technology has become a part of the normal day routine. With this comes the great freedom for the users of the internet. Citizens now have the ability to post whatever they want at anytime. They are able to create their own websites, post comments and spread information. Users of the internet also have the ability to post negative and positive messages against anyone they wish. The information shared off the internet can be seen by millions of people over a matter of minutes and spread throughout the world within a matter of time. With this being said we live in a day and age where there many people of many cultures live amongst each other. Certain individuals make it apparent the dissatisfaction and hatred with a person or a group of people and use the internet in a attempt to make. This can relate to the idea of ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism relates to "the learned belief held by people who feel that their cultural group is superior to others cultural groups"(t.insociety).The idea of hate towards certain cultural groups can based of ethnocentrism, if censorship did not censor hate martial it would be disrespectful to the ones offended and only discourage them. In one example, Ernst Zündel was one person who promoted ethnic hate on his website. To keep peace and respect for the

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