Personal Positivity In Life

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It is estimated that a person has 70,000 thoughts per day i.e. you have 70,000 chances to build yourself up or tear yourself down. If you are a pessimist, you doubt on your abilities and second-guess your decisions then definitely, you will harm your performance and most likely you will also be risking your physical and psychological health. But the best thing is, you can change the way you think. Positivity in life is surely important and many times we have heard, to be happier, it is important to have a more positive attitude towards life and being optimist etc. But the question arises here that how it is achieved? In reality, it is nothing more than a change in the way of thinking. It is a trick to make your mind turn over to ensure that everything you…show more content…
Give Yourself The Same Advice You'd Give To A Trusted Friend Beating yourself up and magnifying your mistakes will only drag you down. Studies have linked self-compassion to everything from improved well-being of mind and better body image to enhanced self-worth and increased motivation. So make it a habit to speak to yourself in the same way you'd speak to a trusted friend. Dedicate Time To Your Hobbies You can never have a happy life if you do not like how you are living. If you feel stuck, lost or feel like there is nothing that motivates you then it is highly recommended that within all the obligations and routine, spare some time to enjoy your hobbies and your passion. Balance Your Emotions With Logic When your emotions are running high, it is recommended to take steps to increase your rational thinking. Whatever the situation you are facing, economical, personal, or professional, you will make your best decisions when you're able to balance your emotions with logic. Create a list of the pros and cons of your choices, this is the best way to balance out your emotions. Create A Healthy
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