10 Minute Mindfulness Reflection

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The purpose of this paper is to express my review and share my personal reflections relating to the book titled 10-Minute Mindfulness by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport. This paper includes the reason I chose this book for the review, what parts of the book made an impression on me and how it will impact my personal actions, maybe even my professional practice. Within this paper, I will explore contradictions that any outside sources have made about the information provided within this book. Part I: The Reason Why I Selected This Book We live in a fast-paced culture and at times, it seems life is passing us by and we forget to live in the present moment. The title is what drew my attention to this book instantly. The interest spiked when I…show more content…
Journaling, or Morning Pages as it’s called in the book, is a stream of consciousness writing and putting your thoughts on paper. This exercise will help a person liberate their mind from the “mental chatter” and prevent an anxious start to their day. This book tries to motivate somebody, to organize their thoughts, to reflect on their thoughts and to engage their brains into positive thinking. I found this part of the book impacted me strongly and gave me the push to get start Journaling myself. I have since been making entries into my personal journal and it has come with great benefits to my positive thinking. It helps me focus on what’s important in the present moment. Any structure and guidance in my life is appreciated and this book adds to…show more content…
An article release by Psych Central is supporting the habit of journaling and is describing the benefits of this practice. According to the article, journaling helps us coming to terms with stressful events, therefore it is a stress reducer and releases tension in the brain. It also helps us solve problems more effectively and we gain health benefits from journaling, a strengthen immune system for example (Purcell, 2016). Mindfulness is an element that relates to psychological well-being. The elements of mindfulness, including awareness and nonjudgmental acceptance of one's moment-to-moment experience, are regarded as potentially effective antidotes against common forms of psychological distress, according to the journal presented by the National Institute of Health. Mindfulness/Meditation is an intervention to help a person gain or maintain a psychological balance and to practice positivity, which is the focus of the book in my review. Implementing habits of stress eliminating factors is the goal to a more calm and conscious

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