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Demi Lovato is a young, rising star who has gone through constant struggle while touching many hearts and inspiring many people around the world. Not only is Lovato a talented musician, but she is also an actress, a dancer, and unfortunately an addict. Lovato is able to open up about her struggle through her music and encourages others to share their own stories along with her. While Demi reaches out about her conflictions she also brings people together through her positivity and upbeat sound. Music in general tells a story which varies for all musicians. Throughout time music has shifted and to this day continues to evolve. From the beat, to the instruments, to the vocals, and the lyrics themselves; music has evolved according to…show more content…
She first appeared as a character in the child TV show Barney. She later received a role in the Disney Channel show called, As The Bell Rings. Acting pulled Demi into the celebrity life and opened up many doors for her. In 2007 Demi got her first major role starring in the movie, Camp Rock, and recorded three songs for the movie's soundtrack. A year later Lovato released her first album, Don’t Forget. Demi’s first album consisted of pop rock music and mainly used the instruments the guitar and the drums in her music. The album, Don’t forget, has an upbeat, pop rock sound that targets the teen demographic and focuses on teen issues and heart break. While Demi is known for pop rock her sound consists to grow along with herself as a person and as a musician. In 2009, Demi dropped her second album, Here We Go Again. Her second album consisted of mainly pop rock with also some jazz-pop, soul, and power-pop. Not only did she switch up her sound, but she also changed her lyrics to a more mature age compared to her lyrics; “I am confident, but/I still have my moments./Baby, that's just me./I'm not a supermodel/I still/eat McDonald's./Baby, that's just me.” that she used in her song La La Land. In her third album, Unbroken, Demi continues to keep her music mature, but modifies her sound to R&B and

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