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Personality profiling offers individuals a better understanding of how their personality traits work and best interact with others. Having a working knowledge of one’s personality will aid an employee in better communicating and working effectively within their organization. In this paper, I will first discuss the results of my own personality testing. I will address each letter of my Meyers-Briggs type as well as give an overview of my personality type, its weaknesses, my temperament, and how all the different aspects work together. I will then discuss what I have learned based on my personality testing and how I can apply this information in order to be a better and more effective worker within my organization. Good Project 1: Personality…show more content…
Thinkers make decisions grounded in both logic and reasoning as opposed to feelers who make decisions based on personal values or to promote harmony (Montequín, Fernández, Balsera, & Nieto, 2013). Thinkers are seen as objective, just, analytical, and they value laws and policies and have the ability to make unattached decisions (Kroeger et al., 2002). I agree that thinking is the correct characterization of my personality as I prefer to make objective decisions both personally and professionally. I tend to see things in black and white and value decisions based on set laws and policies. aVery good personal…show more content…
ISTJs are referred to as “inspectors,” and they value step-by-step approaches and are fact and rule-driven (Functional Analysis of The ISTJ, n.d). They are devoted workers, punctual, truthful, and dependable (Portrait of an ISTJ, n.d.). I fit the description of an ISTJ as I am a dependable worker who takes pride in getting to work on time, not being late for appointments, fulfilling my work commitments, and rarely missing work for sick or personal reasons. A weakness of ISTJs is that they can be frustrated by the inconsistencies of others (Functional Analysis of The ISTJ, n.d). I find this to be true of myself as I am often annoyed when coworkers do not keep their commitment or deadlines. Another weakness of ISTJs is their lack of emotional expression (Kroeger et al., 2002). My tendency to internalize can come off as detached or unfriendly, and this is an area in which I have to act with purpose in order to effectively connect and communicate with others within my working environment. Above all else, I value my Christian worldview where I make decisions based on my beliefs and wanting to show God’s love through my actions. We cannot truly be effective leaders without knowing and understanding our beliefs (Fischer, 2012). aGood

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