Adolf Hitler: Isolation Or Intervention

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Isolation or Intervention: That is the Question Following World War I and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, the temporarily appointed Weimar Republic lead Germany into over a decade of economic, political, and social turmoil, resulting in major inflation, where money became more useful as kindling than to buy good and/or services. Eventually came Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or Nazis, who presented an inspiring message of restoring Germany and gaining power to extents above pre-World War I. After becoming Chancellor, Adolf Hitler began a totalitarian rule over the people of Germany. His actions included the subjugation of all German citizens and media organizations, persecution and inhumane treatment…show more content…
Meanwhile, the United States of America remained neutral and isolated for the initial portion of World War II, refusing to send aid so it could keep the American people and economy safe. However, if I had been president around the period of 1936 to 1941, I would have advocated for intervening in the war against “The Axis of Evil”. By joining the war effort, America stands to protect and defend its ideals and freedoms, and if we did not join, the threat of Hitler would only grow and become a more substantial problem when he would eventually attack the United States. By intervening in the European war efforts, America would effectively be preventing the spread of the fascist and anti-American ideal…show more content…
The thought of a Nazi invasion of the United States dawned on many citizens. One political cartoon by Dr. Seuss displays Uncle Sam, a representation of America, essentially waiting for Hitler to finish his conquest of Europe and invade America (Doc E). This cartoon implies that while the United States waits for the Nazi regime to be defeated, it is actually wasting time that it should be using to go fight in Europe before Hitler brings the fight to American shores. If such circumstances were to occur, the effects of war on American soil would devastate the citizens through the deaths of Americans, the war-ravaged land, etc, so as opposed to waiting for war to come to the United States like in the political cartoon, America would be better off intervening in the war while it is still fighting a power of only several countries on a different continent. One might argue that, because America is separated from the European conflict, there is relatively no concern that the problem from across the Atlantic will reach and affect the United States; like in a political cartoon by Dr. Seuss, where Uncle Sam, or America, is peacefully sleeping next to a problem-riddled, but separate

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