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Personal Entrepreneurship Statement When I was young, whenever I would go to my grandparent’s house to spend the day, my grandfather and I would go up to his studio to paint and sketch together. We would spend hours together talking as he patiently guided my work and taught me the skills and knowledge he collected at Cooper Union’s School of Art. Not only was my grandfather the first person to launch my interest in art, but he was also the first person I identified as an entrepreneur. In 1958, six years after graduating college, my grandfather started a package design firm, which would later be called LAM design. During the time my grandfather launched his company, brands were more focused on the product they were selling rather than the design…show more content…
As I have gotten older, my grandfather continues to be an inspiration; the connection that we have through art is meaningful to me. However, just as art has become an interest of mine entrepreneurship has as well. From my grandfather, I have seen that I can fuse my interest in the arts with a leadership role in the business world. Entrepreneurship not only highlights creativity and innovation, concepts, which makes use of my artistic skills, but it also values the cultivation of essential traits such as passion, problem-solving, tenacity despite failure and execution…show more content…
For example; ENTP features my attention to detail, creativity in problem-solving, and developing lasting relationships; ESTP describes my comfort in working in a high-energy environment; ENFP characterizes the value I put on loyalty, empathy, and creativity; and ESFP details my ability to have fun, and my attraction to new ideas. On the other hand, each personality type also touched upon different weaknesses of mine, including, delayed completion of tedious tasks, procrastination, and having difficulty expressing ideas to large groups. Furthermore, when I compared the results of both the Entrepreneurship Personality Profile and Aptitude Test, I found that the personality profile described me as people oriented but lacking courage in networking and the aptitude test characterized my struggles with following through on tasks and losing

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