Self Concept Paper

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Self concept refers to how we perceive ourselves. While participating in the I am activity we were able to see our self concept as multidimensional using a variety way to see how we perceive ourselves. Our self concept is formed and sustained by other individuals. During this activity I got to rank the words that best describe my personality, ambitious and enthusiastic was at the top of my list and my partner perceived me as ambitious and generous. I think the assignment was important because self concept is a primary a social phenomenon that is influenced by our relationships with people. Understanding the influence of the culture, relationship, gender and individual qualities on our self concept and communication behavior can help us create effective responses during communication. I believe that I am influenced by the dominant culture and what they identify me as an individual. While growing up in the United States I became apart of a individualist culture. In America independence is valued highly, since a little girl I was…show more content…
During the conversation with Victoria I spoke first and I really listened to every word she said. Women typically have certain personality or characteristics such as generosity, sensitivity and caring for others. Also, individual context is when our self-concept is influence by expectations we have of ourselves based on self fulfilling prophecies. During our conversation I explained how I was taking a this Microbiology test this semester. I had to get myself into a positive mind set. First, I started off saying that I’m going to work hard and achieve a good grade out of this class. Second, I predict that I will get an good grade at the end. Then, I will work hard and do whatever it takes to get a good grade. Lastly, I have to prove that so I pass the class with a good
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