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The character I choose to do this assignment on was Bigby Wolf. He is the sheriff of fabletown in The Wolf Amongst Us. He was formerly or still known as the “Big Bad Wolf” in the old fables. He is probably the only real law enforcement for the creatures and people of Fabletown. He also has the unfortunate task of sending the less adapted creatures to a place called the farm. Creatures that can’t pay for a glamour (A spell or item that lets you look human) or who don’t naturally look human or sent to live their lives there. The choices the in The Wolf Amongst Us forces Bigby Wolf into a sort of reverse evolution of character. Bigby Wolf starts off as more humane slightly rough around the edges personality. He attempts to try and distances…show more content…
You can see in the way he handle those situations that he is for the most part a decent person but is almost exhausted in being so. Throughout the game other characters constantly test the new and reformed Bigby. They criticize him constantly for his past choices and very often forget the good he has actually done. As Bigby goes through the game trying to find out who is behind the murders in Fabletown he learns more about the people he is protecting. Bigby finds out that there is a lot more secrets and immoral things going on that he hasn’t had the ability to address. As he tries to compensate for the tragic state of fabletown he physically and mentally becomes more raw and uncontrollably with his emotions. He is more aggressive and far more willing to do the wrong thing, if it furthers the greater good. It is hard for Bigby to keep his morally somewhat righteous standard at that point, as he keeps coming into contact with bad guys who seem justified in their cause. The characters situations go from simplistic to complicated and it becomes somewhat hard to distinguish between Good and evil. By the end of the game Bigby features have gone from just hints of the bad wolf of his past to the full blown actual wolf. This is a physical representation of how Bigby's thought process has deteriorated to basic

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