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Academic libraries is provide effective and efficient library service to all their students, faculty, and staff. The behavior I was attracted in are those exhibited by student Unimas take place in the CAIS study areas. Some of these student behavior in CAIS may not be engaging, but supportive nevertheless. Therefore, others behavior may be is other method with the library’s main purpose. Centre for Academic Information Services (CAIS) in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) was established in early 1993. It start to operation in May 1993. CAIS has actively provides reading or library material which is CD-ROM databases to build its collection. On 6 February 2006, CAIS started to operation in the new building. The area new building is 22,600…show more content…
Students prefer go to level ground floor to reading newspaper because it provides many version of newspaper which is Malay newspaper, Chinese newspaper and English newspaper. Students prefer reading different version of newspaper because they want to improve writing skills. Students also prefer go to level lower ground floor because it easily to gain reading material. Others level doesn’t provides any reading material such as newspaper. Students should reading newspaper for increase ability to understand about a country’s economic situation, sports, games, entertainment, trade and commerce. The reading behavior is related to Bandura theory. The modeling process includes several steps such as attention, retention, reproduction and motivation. For attention, in learning process, students must pay attention to the features of the modeled behavior. For retention, students reading book and store the knowledge they observe in the form of mental images or verbal descriptions. For reproduction, students’ ability to reproduce a behavior improves with practice such as reading behavior. For motivation, students have some motivating factor to make student study…show more content…
Leisure Behavior Student D In my observation, a lot of student doing socializing and other activities which is playing video games, Facebook, or watching videos on laptops. Student D is using Unimas Wifi to online such as Facebook, watching video and so on. When the wireless network was installed in the Cais building, students gathered that this signal did not reach the carrels, they will moved to the joined individual and group quiet study areas in the zone wifi. Students also using unimas wifi to download video or music. There are factor to influence leisure behavior at Cais such as stress relief. Stress is a natural feeling. It will designed to help people handle in challenging situations. Student playing video games, Facebook, or watching videos on laptops can relieve student D stress, reduce depression, and make them feel better. Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory is related to leisure behavior. This is because it explain our own behavior t ourselves or others. This theory was the founding the psychoanalysis, a method for theory which explains human

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