Personal Narrative On Ice

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It was the perfect day for ice-skating. The searing sun was relentless with its rays of heat, furthermore, not a single breeze had passed. Carpooling with my friend, we drove towards the Pines Ice Rink, the only ice rink within miles of our houses. Enthusiastically, I opened the doors, feeling the crisp air fill my body. Quickly, my friend and I went to greet the final party, making a total of three. She had already placed on her skates, now patiently waiting for the ice rink to open. I approached the woman providing shoes, asking for my shoe size. The shoes I received were considerably heavy, and stiff. I was surprised to see they fit, but still at a loss with the strange strapping mechanism. “Do you know how to put these on?” I questioned my friend who had already put them on. “I’m pretty sure the straps need to go in the holes,” she replied, unsure herself. With just a little more fumbling, I managed to strap it in a way that I knew it wouldn’t fall off. Finally, it was time to enter. The three of us giddily followed behind the small crowd of people. The air inside the ice rink was numbing, and for once I was grateful that I had worn long sleeves during summer. Impatiently, I awaited my turn to step on the ice, staring at the blue floor scarred…show more content…
Thank you,” I replied as I attempted to do as she said. Even though I tried to keep that thought in mind, I would unconsciously bend forward every now and then. Closing time was coming soon, and during that entire time, I wouldn’t leave the wall. Worst case scenario happened in which I was stuck on the other side of the rink, far away from the actual exit. Luckily, my friends were there with me. I knew I couldn’t waste time following the wall back. My friends reassured me that it would be okay. We linked arms, and once again, I left the support of the wall. I tried to keep my eyes forward, concentrated on the exit, but once again I would revert to staring at my feet, checking to keep my
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