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Some works are adopted as films such as, Slaughterhouse-Five in 1972, Mother Night in 1996, Penelope in 1971, Slapstick in 1982, Breakfast of Champions in 1999, Displaced Person in 1958,1985, Happy Birthday, Wanda June in 1971, Between Time and Timbuktu in 1972 and Next Door in 1975. For Kurt Vonnegut’s novels and short stories he won Purple Heart and Prisoner of War Medal. Vonnegut received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1967 and a literature award from the National Institute of Arts and Letters in 1970. In 1974 he was awarded an honorary LHD by Indiana University, and in 1975 he was named a Vice-President of the national Institute of Arts and Letters. Kurt Vonnegut has published many short stories, many of which are collected in Welcome to…show more content…
Although a revolt flashed by the novel’s protagonist, Dr. Proteus, is destined to disaster, Kurt Vonnegut portrays the incident as a symbol of optimism. Machines are the most key part in the first half of the novel, and then the protagonist reveals that without human beings the society will not run efficiently. At the end of the novel the hero of the novel shows kindness to the man kind. The Sirens of Titans addresses parallel themes on an interplanetary level, showing how different species can yield to authoritarian instruction. Attack from outer space are the doings of alien creatures with loftier brainpower. In The Sirens of Titans the so-called invasion from Mars is actually an operation staged by kidnapped Earthlings and effected with all the ineptitude of a Laurel and Hardy film. Kurt Vonneguts critical breakthrough occurred with Cat’s Cradle, a novel in which a synthetic substance called Ice-nine threatens to solidify all of the Earth’s water. For this work, Kurt Vonnegut also created a religion- Bokononism to contrast with the disparaging nature of man as symbolized by Ice-nine. Though Bokononism he ultimately teaches that life is worthless, it affirms the compassion and humor inborn in the human…show more content…
Satiric tone of the novel is established early when Kurt Vonnegut explains the title of his book which is actually a registered trademark of general Mills, but then came as a ‘fine Products’. Mainly this book talks about racism of American society and shows the paradoxical nature of American capitalism. This book is psychological based concept. This is the story of “the lonesome, skinny, fairly old white men on a planet which was dying fast” (1). Kurt Vonnegut introduces Kilgore Tout as a character in many of his plays. He was a science fiction writer, but rarely known to the public. The play opens with Kilgore’s journey towards Midland City going for an art festival. There he meets Dwayne Hoover, he is depressed psychologically. Dwayne wants solution from Kilgore. Kilgore does not know what to do, so he gives his book to him. While he reads his book, Dwayne comes out of depression. Kilgore trout’s is the only creature in the Universe with free will and other people are the robots in the novel. Communication difficulty is found in the

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