Personal Narrative: The Ice Truck Killer

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The Ice Truck Killer Exposition It was in front of me, something that exceeded my limits. I tripped because the curb jumped out of me. The parts of cold raw flesh that was cut precisely! in to 6 equal pieces left on the floor like a children’s puzzle. He was named the ice truck killer, a serial killer in Miami and me I’m a forensic blood splatter analyst part of the Miami homicide department. The face was pale yellow with the rest if the body. It was as almost as the ice truck killer had frozen the body with liquid nitrogen cold as charity cut into equal parts almost as a psychopathic surgeon removing all the limbs and sensory organs, leaving them in a state of living death. The puzzle was tied together with rope almost like your leg of lamb on Christmas day leaving line patterns to the thick human skin. No evidence left behind to track down the cold psycho ice truck killer, as the hunt went on to put this killer down. It always wondered me whether this was possible, that someone could be normal and turn a human body upside down and drain the blood as it was a ketchup bottle squeezing out the last bit of sauce. Complication I guess I can ask myself… since childhood I’ve had this inner voice. I call it the dark passenger like venom it cannot be ignored its constant hissing behind my head like a poisonous snake. I haven’t been truthfully…show more content…
As we got to the abundant house with a long drive with the evil tree that was lurking in the shadows we followed up to a garage with an old bmw 3 series the car itself was suffering from some TLC it was warm with the smell of old rotten wood. As we are all packing the old house and cleaning out the old furniture I find a mystery, a photo of me and another boy I realise it’s my brother by the scar on his

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