Personal Narrative Essay On Ice Skating

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Ice skating is a beautiful sport to watch, but how hard is it to actually do? I decided to try it with one of my friends, who had also never been ice skating before. After an hour of skating I realized learning to ice skate is not necessarily hard but it is not exactly easy either. I went to the Cary Ice House and found out that I would rather skate on a pond in my backyard than skate there again. The service there was not that great and neither were the prices, and although there was not many people there but it still felt very crowded. When we first arrived at the ice house a kid’s hockey team had just finished up their practice. Some of the kids were running all over the room chasing each other and begging their parents to let them stay…show more content…
They looked like they had been skating since they were a few days old, and they probably had. The little kids made me nervous to go out and skate because they were so good at it, especially since it was my first time trying to ice skate and I was twice their age. There also a large group of high school students who were acting just like high school students and being obnoxiously loud and immature. They were skating around so fast and swerving around everyone I don’t know how they didn’t run into someone. There was also a couple skating together doing all kinds of cool tricks and things while they were skating around. The girl was listening to music while they were doing it and every time they went around the rink everyone was cheering for them and saying they were doing a great job. My friend and I were the only ones there who had obviously never been ice skating before, everyone else was so good at it. We skated for around an hour, or at least we tried to. It was pretty difficult to do anything will all the little kids and the high school students skating all over the rink and racing each other. After an hour our feet started to hurt from how uncomfortable the skates were so we decided we had stayed long enough and went to return our skates. When we got to the counter to return

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