Personal Narrative: Mrs. Ice As A Role Model

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I smile because I was so blessed to have known such an amazing woman that had changed my life. This woman was my 7th grade reading teacher, Mrs. Tonia Ice. She was more than a teacher to me. She was a role model that I could always look up to. She has taught me so many things that I will always remember, but I will also remember her for who she is. Mrs. Ice is a brave, positive, and caring woman. Mrs. Ice is one of the bravest people I known. She fought an incredible battle with breast cancer . Mrs. Ice was very tough and never showed any signs of weakness. She always smiled and laughed in class as if reality never got to her. During her darkest and hardest times, she never gave up. She never liked to be called a survivor, instead a warrior, which is why people who knew her called her “Ice Warrior”. Mrs. Ice was a fearless warrior for fighting inside and outside. Having a positive mind means having a positive future. Mrs. Ice has always been thinking positively. When she taught class, she always told the class to think positively and to keep moving forward. She also told the class that we are humans and that we would make mistakes, but we could learn from them. This kind of positively thinking made me think positive too. Within three years, I had heard that her…show more content…
Ice’s personality. She cared for everyone, such as her family, friends, students, and peers. I remember being in her class disliking to read. She made it mandatory for everyone in the class to read a book and then do a book report. Every time that we would finished, she would tell us to pick another book and repeat. She even made sure that we got the books that we were interested in. I remember her picking a book that made me fall in love with reading. Mrs. Ice always mentioned how important reading and knowledge are and that we should never take it for granted. Mrs. Ice was very caring as she cared for her students to get the education they

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