Personal Narrative: My Hero's Journey

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Joseph Campbell is a scholar that has been studying mythology for many years to come. He stated that all heroic persons travel the same path in their heroic journey, and this is true. The Hero's Journey states that all hero's encounter the same type or kind of challenges. I would never consider myself as a hero, but after reading about how Joseph Campbell described about how all hero journeys can be similar, I can relate that to my life as a soccer player. My heroic journey has changed me in many different ways, both appearance and emotional. When I look back, I can see all of the similarities on how my life reflects back on the hero’s journey. My life journey as a soccer player is a lot like Joseph Campbell’s heroic journey, because I left my ordinary world, met my mentor, and crossed my threshold.…show more content…
When I left my ordinary world to become a soccer player, was when I got on a select team. A select team is when you have to tryout for the team. They don’t let anyone under the age of seven, play on any select team. Instead of just paying at your soccer complex, you got to play all over the state. Before I there was tryouts I was super nervous, but during the tryouts my nervousness was relinquished. It turns out, there was nothing to be worried about, at all. Finally, I was on the soccer team. Playing soccer was never so easy, but then I met my mentor. He made soccer easy as pie, he was my soccer coach. He taught me everything I know, and he is still teaching my stuff to this day. My soccer coach was also my best friend’s dad, that's why he went into coaching in the first place. He taught me that you can do anything that you desire, if you believe in yourself. That gave me a huge confidence boost, and made me play

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