Union University: A Case Study

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Christian institutions of higher learning, Union University in particular, are unique in their day-to-day approach to learning, faith, and community. Dr. Samuel “Dub” Oliver, President of Union University, states here at Union “learning is integrated with faith, infused with hope, and transformed with love” (Oliver). Dr. “Brother” Corey Cain, who is the preacher at Maplewood Baptist Church in Paris, Tennessee, graduated from Union University in 1999 with a business degree. He feels Christian higher education benefits society by being a safe place to “mold [school] work together with faith at the same time” (Cain). Christian colleges allow young adults into well-educated, good Christians in a safe environment that develops strong character and community stewardship.…show more content…
Every year, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations publishes a “Crime on Campus” report, detailing 23 categories of “Group A” offences and 10 “Group B” offences that occurred on all college campuses in the state of Tennessee the previous year. In 2013, a total of 35 crimes occurred on Union University’s campus (“Crime on Campus 2013” 104). “Crime on Campus 2014” showed a dramatic decrease in that number- a measly eight for the calendar year (100). This data may seem inconsequential until compared to the city surrounding Union University; the statistics for Jackson, Tennessee paint an entirely different picture of community values. In 2014 alone, the residents of Jackson, Tennessee boasted a total of 9,333 crimes (“Crime in Tennessee 2014”

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