Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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The things we carry, whether physical or mental, makes us who we are. In Tim O'Brien's “The Things They Carried”, the men carry everything from guns to emotions that would destroy them from inside out. As a 21st century teenager, my priorities are slightly different than the men in the book. I physically carry my backpack along with all of the symbolic components inside, and mentally I carry the burden to live up to my parents’ expectations while walking in my older siblings’ footsteps. In my backpack, I carry several textbooks, pens and pencils galore, a TI-84 Silver Edition calculator along with various papers. Of course, these are a few things expected to be in the backpack of every high school junior. However, these articles I carry represent so much more to me. My backpack weighs approximately thirty-five pounds on an A-day and around twenty-five pounds on a B-day. The weight I carry in my backpack keeps me grounded.…show more content…
Although, I may only be hoarding textbooks and papers in it, I feel a responsibility to treat these bargained materials as golden keys to my education. I have been raised this way. My family instilled the value of school in me before I could even walk. I learned how to read before I ever went to kindergarten. I was counting to one thousand by two’s on the way home from preschool just because I found it entertaining. I carry these ethics, symbolized by these “things” because that’s what I have been trained to do. My Speech and Debate folder, reminds me I should never allow anyone to suppress my thoughts without reasoning. My calculator, prompts me to remember that I have an infinite amount of opportunities and that it is up to me to choose whatever route I want to take. These objects serve as tokens to my piggy bank of
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