My Hero's Journey-Personal Narrative

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One month before we sat down and got today all set up, I was very excited. I set my alarm for six o’clock a.m. I had woken up just then too, along with my sister. We were very enthusiastic which was the fuel to our energy. We, the Nelson sisters, said goodbye and headed out. We stood waiting for the blue van; we jumped in, Tati and I both danced with excitement. Ever since we knew each other Disney was a huge part of our life, every memory was a vivid one, and we had always wanted to go together. We walked from the car, onto the ferry, and into Magic Kingdom, where we met Disney characters as the train drove in. The cast and crew cut the rope right after the opening ceremony and our semi large group were some of the first people in there. We walked all the way to the newest ride, we waited, and waited, and the line stayed stuck. Tati and I both decided to go to the bathroom; but of course, with our luck when we got back the line had already moved. With many “excuse me”’s and grimacing stares, we finally made it to where our families were. The line moved quickly, we got to the front and the woman gestured us to the front seat. Our first time at Disney together, and after many times of…show more content…
It couldn’t have been more perfect with the lines moving fast; after all, it had been a less crowded day. After hours of walking, magic, and a little more crowd, we were tired and hungry; which led to some bickering, especially between my sister and I. With an argument about where to eat, our group finally sat down. Unfortunately, I was still very annoyed and everything that was said from Tati’s brothers bothered me such as comments like “You never did that!” they would yell, after telling a story of something I did; they would always do that. After filling our hungry stomachs, our parents showed up, now our full family was

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