Personal Narrative: My Hero's Journey

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Every single person in this world faced a heart-wrenching moment in life, whether it be your day of good or evil. Due to this true statement, one idea of an extraordinary man shone through despite the rest, and that is Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Known as a mythologist, he made connections between tales from around the world into something relatable becoming liberal by many. This man’s theory not only intimates my life by focusing on my time of life being wrongfully deceived, but also has each moment of that time in a different category such as “the call to adventure”, “the ordeal”, and “reward” to produce a pattern all original stories hold. Suitably, as a normal family, we were, it held many different dark secrets under the seams that produced many misunderstandings to tear us apart. What soon resulted in a grand argument to finally end it all, and dissipate all my trust for those I loved. This was the beginning of my own timeline, also known as “the call to adventure” where I begin to find my knowledge becoming intertwined within these lies dawning the start of my adventure.…show more content…
A man who later became my mendacious stepfather who spouted words of distaste towards my mother, sister, and I. Considering constant arguments surrounding myself, it soon spirals into an unimaginable self doubt to become unnoticed by those I trusted and loved. Until many secrets, abolished by the disrespectful child known as myself recollected her feelings for this man. This same individual relinquished from living among our household would be a reflection of “the ordeal” from the last stance we gave to get rid of this uncaring father from our

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