My Hero's Journey-Personal Narrative

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Today is October 6th, 203 B.C.E. It is very early in the morning and I am about the leave my house for the last time along with Ling. Last night I asked Ling to come along so he wouldn’t be left behind and sent to slavery by himself. We got up before the sun today and before everyone in the city was up and moving around for work. We had to pack food for our journey. we haven’t decided where to go yet. I packed a lot of vegetables and water along with things that wouldn’t spoil. I am scared and I don’t want to leave but I know I have to. When we finally get enough food, clothes, and other needed necessities we leave the house. We go towards town to get as far away from our house before father wakes. I decided to trade a few items before we left…show more content…
I am a little excited about this journey. I will get to see a lot of things I haven’t seen before. I know this will be a good idea. I know that I will have a good time with Ling on this journey. I hope he feels the same way. This skies are getting darker while we are in route to our decided destination of the Silk Road. Ling says this worries him. I told him not to worry at all because the its probably just a passing storm. As we get closer to the start of the Silk Road I begin to wonder what mother and father are thinking right now. I know we have messed up their plans of how to pay the debt back big time but I mean who can blame Ling and I. There is nothing else we could have done besides run away because we should not have to be sold in to slavery. Maybe they can figure something out. Maybe the emperor won’t care if we ran away and maybe he might let our mother and father slide. I regret coming here because I have had not had a successful trip. I lived in a wonderful house and had a wonderful family and now here I am running away. I hope we can get through this Ling and i. I hope the storm rolls over and doesn’t put a damper on our journey. I hope mother and father will be

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