Entropy By K. C Cole Analysis

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Entropy is define as a thermodynamic quantity representing unavailability of a system, thermal energy that cover to mechanical work, but is also interpreted as a degree of disorder, randomness and decay. One could say that it is a law enforce by nature that every one is subjective to its effects. Under entropy almost everything seems to be disastrous and decaying resulting in distress and chaos. K.C Cole author of article entropy states “on the same day my car broke down (again) my refrigerator cookout I learned that I needed root-canal work in the right rear tooth.”(420) Cole suggested that entropy seems to be disastrous and lead to decay attracting distress and chaos; I agree with Cole thesis that entropy is the natural order of matter in the universe. Cole illustrates through her examples that almost everything has a decaying process in the universe. For instance when Cole states “My son sneakers were developing holes and I was developing a deep sense of futility.” (420) the author is showing through this quote that entropy had began it course and could not do anything to…show more content…
Cole suggested that “crystals, snow flakes and galaxies are islands of incredible order beauty in the mist of random events.”(421) Cole emphasis is that all this chaos and distress created by entropy is that natural order of the universe. These examples of incredible beauty make one question if these chaos, distress and decay is really that natural order of the universe, perhaps it is, but leads to individual interpretations that seem not to be significant evidences to prove either way. One could only assume that entropy is the natural order of the universe through individual interpretation.one could acknowledge this hypothesis and admire K.C Cole effort to define entropy as the natural order of the

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