Narrative Essay About Moving Away

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“What’s going on?” I ask while shouting over the roaring sound of all the rides starting at once. “I don’t know, but I think it’s … amazing!” My friend, Kelly, shouts over the noise. After a couple more seconds of loud noises and bright lights, everything seems to dim down a bit and music starts playing. “This is pretty cool, but we should start leaving now…” I start to say but Kelly interrupts. “What! This place is so cool. Come on, can we just do one ride? We’ll quick hop on the kiddy carousel for a couple of minutes and then I promise I’ll leave.” Usually I can persuade Kelly to not do stupid things like trying to lick an ice-cold pole in the winter to see if the paradox is true, but this time she uses her famous puppy-dog eyes. I have never in the twelve years we have been friends, said no to those eyes.…show more content…
“Let’s go. But just two minutes.” “Yeah! Let’s go!” Kelly shouts. As we’re walking up to the carousel, tons of questions start racing through my mind. Who owns this place? Will they mind if we go on the ride? How did it turn on? How long has this place been abandoned? Is it even abandoned? I start wheezing. Kelly looks at me right away. She knows that when I’m wheezing, I’m flustered. “Oh, come on Sydney. You’ll be fine. Hear that?” She asks
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