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Learning to Read Growing up as a child, I had experienced many significant and momentous moments in my life, whether pleasing or even dreadful; and throughout my life and the process of my maturing, I most remember the events that have helped me to blossom more intellectually and emotionally. My earliest memory of an event that has aided in my growth in both of those areas occurs with my grandmother, who taught me how to read at a young age. With my grandmothers patience and determination to teach me how to read, our relationship not only grew stronger, but I gained eminent knowledge in literature which in turn caused me to obtain a more advanced education than that of which I would have received if I did not have the knowledge given to me by my very own grandmother. The first time my grandmother had handed me a book, I had no intention of knowing that I would learn how to read within just a weeks’ time During the summers, my siblings and I often stayed with my grandparents, where we…show more content…
Sitting in the car for hours upon hours at the age of only five or six, I started to feel bored and anxious. My grandparents noticed this and my grandmother handed me yet another book and had asked me to read it aloud to her. Instead of a twenty page children’s book such as the one she had previously given to me, she handed me The Little House on the Prairie, the first chapter book I ever began to read. This book contained much more substantial vocabulary than any other book I had read, so my grandmother took that opportunity to yet again teach me different pronunciations of words and their meanings. As a child, I found the process of learning so many new words throughout that book tedious and uninteresting, but because of my young age, I never understood or realized the strong impact and importance that the learning of a new vocabulary would have on my life and

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