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There are various definition of reading from educators, psychologists, linguist and sociologists to have filled volume with their definition of reading. The definition of reading used here is adapted from Anthony, Pearson, and Raphael (1993) as cited by Farrel (2009 : 20 ) in which reading is the process of constructing meaning through the dynamic interaction among the readers’ existing knowledge, the information suggested by the written language, and the context of reading situation. Readers who will read a certain text sometimes needs insight background although just a little bit information or knowledge. This is used to support their understanding about the text that they will read. The information that the readers get from the text always…show more content…
Reading interest refers to the capability of the reders to interest what is being read. Moreover, reading interest is a willingness of reading test as efficiently as possible. Reading interest is the process of reading to get the content of the text. Hidi (1990) argued that interest is central in determining the ways in which we select and process certain types of information in preference to others. The empirical findings of the literature indicate that all types of interest tend to facilitate reader’s comprehension and recall. A second major concern of researchers in the area has been to establish the variables that determine the level of situational interest that readers experience. Variables that have been found to have such an influence include text characteristics (e.g., novelty, intensity, and ease of comprehension), various types of modifications of the learning environment (e.g., presenting materials in more meaningful contexts) and individuals’ own self-regulatory activities (Hidi and Harackiewicz, 2000). The third important question raised by investigators is how readers’ interest, once elicited, results in behavioral, cognitive, and affective changes. However, there is little consensus among researchers regarding these processes. For example, some investigators argue that increased attention mediates the effect of interest on learning; others disagree with this…show more content…
In terms of word count there is no official demarcation between an anecdote, a short story, and a novel. Rather, the form's parameters are given by the rhetorical and practical context in which a given story is produced and considered, so that what constitutes a short story may different between genres, countries, eras, and commentators. Like the novel, the short story's predominant shape reflects the demands of the available markets for publication, and the evolution of the form seems closely tied to the evolution of the publishing industry and the submission guidelines of its constituent

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