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It’s about a car and a house. Can you guess? I remember that day like it was yesterday, because everything changed from that point on. It was a bright and sunny saturday, my parents had already made breakfast by the time I woke up, I was 10 years old and we lived in Downtown, San Diego that’s where I grew up all my life, we lived in a nice semi-small 2 bedroom house, and directly behind our house there were apartments with a huge parking lot, and after that saturday evening everything would change. Saturday went by like a flash, all at once. We were eating breakfast in the kitchen, my mom had made eggs and pancakes (which by the one by brother hated, I still remember what he had told my mom, “Do I really have to eat this? It’s saturday”.…show more content…
I smirked at him, which annoyed him. “What are you looking at”, my brother said. “You’re ugly face” I said. We were bickering back and forth, until my dad had interrupted us as he was walking in the kitchen. After we had finished eating breakfast, well all except for my brother, we put our plates in the sink, and eached went to our rooms It was around 2 o’clock, which was when my mom usually left for work which she did. My brother went to our neighbor's house, his friend which was across the street, my dad was in the parking lot cleaning, and washing our car which he would always do on saturday’s. I was inside the house alone watching T.V in the living room, who would have thought that me being exactly in the living room would save my life, but we’ll get to that later. Ever since I could remember downtown has always been my place, but it has always been cars stuck in tiny lanes, where we lived there was a lane crammed with cars and on the side, there would be a row of houses and that’s where I lived. Which killed my mom knowing that we as kids where so close, I remember mom saying “Are you gonna go play outside”. “Yes”, I

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