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Gasping for air, Niomi jolts out of a deep sleep. Heart pounding, she throws her blanket off of her like she has done so many nights since she was little. She jumps out of bed and swiftly walks to her bathroom. Naomi places her hands on the sink, looks in the mirror and then closes her eyes. She begins to recount her dream, no matter how many times she has had this dream she still doesn't understand how this could have happened. Once a week, if not more, she awakes abruptly from a deep sleep sweating and crying. She dreams of a time when she was five years old, the day her father passed away, the day her life changed forever. After recounting the dream over and over, day after day, for 10 years she still can't come to accept it. She dreams…show more content…
She is a spitting image of the man and there was no denying that this was her father. the man has begun to embrace her back, holding her so tightly as if he was never going to let go. “I am so glad I finally found you, you have no idea how long this past ten years have been for me”, says the man. Naomi doesn’t utter a word and even if she did, you wouldn’t hear it over the sobbing. She finally releases her father and begins to wipe her face. She opens her eyes and notices the tall man has left. Her father pulls her back in with one arm and pulls his phone out of his pocket with the other. He dials a number and waits. “Hello, this is Agent Michael Swanson of the FBI. I’d like to report a sighting of Anastasia Carter at 12 Home Street, Zap, North Dakota. She is wanted by the FBI in the state of New York for the kidnapping of Naomi Swanson and the Murder of Zoe Swanson in 2002”, he says into the phone. Naomi becomes more and more confused as she listens to her father talking to the police. since when has he been a part of the FBI, she thinks to herself. He finally gets off the phone and Naomi has so many questions running through her…show more content…
“That woman is your aunt, her name is Ana, she is your mom’s twin, when you were five years old, she killed your mom and took you away from me.” “What are you talking about? Mom never told me she had a twin… I don’t understand what is happening? Why have I been living with a stranger for the past 10 years, why haven’t you come to get me sooner… you have been looking for me, right??!!” “Yes,I have been working with the FBI and we had no luck until Ana made a suspiciously large withdrawal from the bank about a week ago. We tailed her home and we were watching your apartment until you left, and we followed you here. We have been waiting for the right moment, but she hadn’t let you out of her sight until now”, he explained. Naomi was lost for words so she didn’t say anything at all. Her father then unlocked his phone and dialed another number, this time it was a cab. When the cab arrived to the house Naomi and her father both got in. he asked the driver to take them to the nearest airport. Agent Swenson then went to his phone to buy two plane tickets to New York of the next flight

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