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"Your irrational that will never happen!" Jason turns to look at him again. "Look around you. The ordained one has been nullified, and you are simply substance to fuel the Unnamed's new body your the irrational one. My master would have let you become a part of creating a perfect new world, if you hand not been acting like an annoying buznap the entire time!" Han has been crawling on his belly towards the spear that Parcival had dropped. Looking up frequently making sure that Jason's back is turned. Continuing forward, grabbing the spear in his hand's intent on impaling Jason with it. Only the weight of the spear is too much, and it lands on its blunt end with a thump. Han twirls around the spear his feet dangling in the air. Jason whips…show more content…
I am your god, the only god. I am your worst nightmare..." Unnamed arm stretches out several feet over to Jason, and starts choking him! Jason says, gasping for a breath; "No Master it's just the body you are in, it is weak not you!" Unnamed retracts his arm, stumbles forward over towards Jason. He stops grabbing his chest with his right hand. "You idiots! You ... put me in a dying body?" Jason cringes, "I am sorry master, the plan did not go as smooth as I had hoped. Sit down, and I will prepare your meal it will give you strength." While rushing over to the Paladin. The weakened god reluctantly stumbles over to the chair his face pale. Jason grabs a dagger out of the small chest, walking over to Parcival. Several Acolytes follow behind. Parcival quivers on the slab pure rage emanating from his eyes. The Acolytes holds his torso down to prevent any moment. Jason rips the bandages off the journeyman Paladins injured hand. "We cannot have the bandage soaking up the blood now can we?" Jason rubs the wound holding a black cup under it, blood gushes in a stream filling it. Jason walks over to Unnamed, and gives it to him. "Here Master a snack to revitalize you." Turning his head at the Acolytes saying, "Make the slashes on his legs, near the groin…show more content…
worm?" His face flashes as if he's fighting something.. his eyes turn green. Pain creates deep creases on his face, he holds his head up high and the creases smooth out. Unnamed slowly stumbles over to Parcival, and hisses at the remaining Allocates. "Get out of here all you! Now!" Acolyte with the brown-eyes, and the rest of the others scatter back inside the mansion. Unnamed grabs the ceremonial dagger, and cuts the strap from Pari's left wrist. Grabbing the edge of the slab Unnamed bows his head weaving back, and forth. Turning up his head, and looking at Parcival. "Parcival I do not have much time ... poisoned .. Merryn whispers to him, her forehead breaks out in sweat that beads down the side of her face. Struggling wth the god she regains control of her body. Her hands shake as she finishes untying the closest strap on his arm. She says, "You will not ... suffer for my mistakes .... love you...." Her beautiful face contorts to a banefull, sinister one her eyes quickly blacken again filling with rage. The vines hiss and shreak and now along with covering her back they snake down curling round her arms down and also to her

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