Personal Narrative

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“The time is always right to do the right thing” - Martin Luther King Jr. I always believed that I follow that quote, but on this day I did not follow it. I wanted to ride my brother’s bike so I went to my garage and took his bike out. I was riding it and my brother took a break and saw me riding it so he chased me. He was chasing towards a hill (not on purpose). I saw cars going by so then I pushed the pedals backwards but nothing happened. I hoped my life wouldn’t end on this day. On this day I learned a very important lesson. I learned to listen to what people say and do what is right. Two hours before events started everything was going good. I had heard the sounds of a lawn mower start so I decided I couldn’t sleep so why not just go watch t.v. I went to get some Lucky Charms. I tasted the…show more content…
I felt the soft blanket on my cold skin. I looked out the window and saw that he just finished the front yard and was going to the backyard. I made sure that I heard the mower crank up before I went back outside. The garage was already open so I took his bike and brought it to the driveway and put the kickstand up. I went back inside to get my shoes on and went back out. I lowered the seat because I’m not tall enough to ride it how he does. I took off down the bumpy street. I took a hard, sharp turn and saw my brother coming through the old wooden gate. He didn’t see me at first. He went to the garage and saw his bike wasn't there. He then saw me riding it and started to chase after me. He accidently was chasing me down a hill. My mom came from the backyard and started running after us. I was going towards a busy intersection where cars were passing. I tried using the foot brakes, but it kept spinning so I didn’t know how to use the brakes. My mom caught up with my brother and started to shout at me, “Crash into the
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