Women In The American Revolution

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The American Revolution didn't really change the women’s political status very much. One of the more recognizable changes was that they were trusted to instill patriotism in their sons. This would help their sons to become mature citizens. This idea kind of led to enhance women’s educational opportunities but it was an improvement in their political role. The American Revolution inspired women to have equality. That they should not be inferior to men. The American Revolution gave women hope that change might happen and it motivated them to fight for equality and respect. The war also affected African Americans and in a different way than it did to women. In the northern states, where slavery was basically non existent, black men could volunteer in the Continental Army. The American Revolution was a big help to bringing an end to slavery, although it was still legal there for some time but really wasn't happening. In the South, slavery very…show more content…
Of all of the African Americans that went with the British, most of them died from diseases or in combat. Others made it out and left with the British. Some of the Americans didn't like that some of their slaves were going with the British. Some of the African Americans went on and actually fought with the British. The Americans and the British were not so sure to let African Americans fight in combat. However, African Americans were most likely their on either one or both sides in every major battle of the American Revolution. Both armies wanted the African Americans in their military to help themselves with the war. They didn't really want to make a social change. The American Revolution gave African Americans a chance to reach out for their freedom. The war didn't abolish slavery but instead it African Americans the belief of freedom. It gave them hope that soon they would be
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