Personal Narrative

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It was a beautiful, sunny day of fall. Hiking for the fun of it by myself. It was so relaxing. Until i got lost. now that wasn't fun at all. I was scared especially at night with all the noises.I looked around for a path. But no path was to be found. All i saw were trees.I knew hiking right after school wouldn't be a good idea. All i had was a backpack with useless school supplies. Or where they really useless? I had a water bottle. keys, books and a cookie. Nothing else. I knew i was going to die if i didn't move my butt and did something.. So from that moment on i knew i had to get food. It was also getting cold. It's now winter and i'm getting really cold.I have a soft sweater and i need something to take me through the winter. First thing that came into my mind was fire. i needed something warm. I had some ink. Wood, Water bottle, and i knew i could start a fire. so i did i used the reflection of the sun to create heat. Used ink as fuel. I saw a huge straight branch that could be shaped it like a cool pointy whacking stick to kill animals with.All of this was done with a key. I went and got my food supplies. Only lastest me a week and i repeated did this until i finished winter. I made a small shelter with sticks and mud and slept next to the fire. Hoped not to burn myself and the…show more content…
i've learned to get my food and cook it on my fire. roast it nice and brown. it's amazing for a wildman. i look up at the stars and stare if i'm ever going to be rescued. i look around and looked inside the pond. i see fish. lots of them! i am amazed. I ran into the water and got fish. Then cooked them. it's been so long since i've ate fish. It was so yummy. From that moment on i start looking around to see if i could find any fruit. The only fruit i saw were berries. But then i remembered that some berries are poisonous so i did not dare try to eat them. i just stuck to my meat and fish diet with
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