Operant Conditioning In Graduating High School

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According to the textbook, the definition of learning is a relatively enduring change in behavior resulting from experience. This ties in with the movie because the students learned that they can control what happens to them before they met Ms. Johnson. As a result, they learn that there’s always a choice to give up or fight. Operant Conditioning is a form of learning, in which your behavior changes based on consequences or rewards. One example of how Ms. Johnson used positive operant conditioning in her class is when she would reward her students with candy bars whenever they could guess what would be the right verb to put in a sentence. An example of how negative operant conditioning was used when Ms. Johnson would write the names of her students on the board if they had misbehaved. The difference in the viewpoints of Raul’s parents and Durrell’s grandmother was that Raul’s parents were excited about the thought of their son graduating high school while Durrell’s grandmother thought that education would be a handicap for him and only hold him back. Graduating High School would make Raul the first person to do that in his family and could also create a lot of different opportunities for him in the future. On the other hand Durrell’s grandmother thought that the time…show more content…
Regardless of the fact that his family is not set in the best financial situation, they still seem to make the best of the situation. Unlike like Durrell’s grandmother, Raul’s parents want him to stay in school and peruse an education and seek the easy way out. They realize that finishing high school could lead to better jobs and higher pay. Durrell could learn that the easiest way out isn’t always the best. Just because focusing more on a job rather than education could seem enticing at one point, but would soon come to the reality that hard work pays off and to continue to pursue an

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