John Jones Four Ways Analysis

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“Four Ways: Classical Spiritual Modes Across Religions Traditions” written by John Jones talked about the four spiritual pathways in which you may follow to the one I appeal the most at is pathway number three and the least is pathway number two. The pathway that is most reflected in the church and religion that I was raised in would have to be pathway number two. Pathway number three of the four spiritual pathways described in the reading appeals to me the most because maybe in a way it describes my personality. To begin, as John Jones describes it “…path of knowledge for the more contemplative person and the path of action for the busy, action-oriented person…” is I fit into this pathway, as I am a busy college student that gains knowledge by doing things such as finishing homework. Second, is why pathway number three appeals to me because we as human beings cannot love everyone who we see but in a way can show love through our actions, which got me to like pathway three as being meaningful. Lastly, in which spiritual pathway number three…show more content…
Lastly, why pathway number two reflects the most of the church and religion that I was raised in because as John Jones’s article “I love the one who harbors no ill will toward any living being, who returns love for hatred, who is friendly and compassionate toward all” as in the Bible says to love one another really puts together the religion I was raised in of Roman Catholic. To sum it up, pathway number two does not quite fit in with my own spiritual style to its more of pathway number two but I do try to love and serve other people to that’s why pathway two fits in more with my religious tradition. As pathway number, two does not apply much to me much right now as pathway three does more but, when the time comes right to fully serve Jesus and other people my pathway will become number two instead of three because it matches my religion much

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