Personal Narrative Essay

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Alex was tired when the annoying ringing of the alarm went off. He had no clue if the time was correct and he didn’t care. Today was the day he, Kevin and Father were heading out to search for his mami and papi. Alex Jumped out of bed and hopped into his clothes. He knocked hard on Julie’s and Bri’s bedroom door and yelled, “time to get up!” They needed to be at St.Vincent’s Church before the rioters woke up. He made his sisters get dressed and eat before they headed to the church. Alex felt the church would be safe for his two sisters. When the three arrived to the church he stays awhile and gets his sisters settled until Alex came up with a plan. Alex knew that his two sisters would be okay, but he needed to make sure he was safe on his…show more content…
He runs into trouble along the way. As he comes down an alley, he ran into chaos. It was dark and he could not see a thing. A guy with a deep voice and beard grabs Alex and tries to hurt him. That was until a golden retriever comes out of nowhere and scared the evil man off. Alex gets off the ground and sees a sign that is missing letters. It looked like it said Max. So he named the dog Max. Max helped him on his journey. Alex was not lonely. They ended up in a forest. He heard someone yell for help. Max then took off to follow the voice. Alex followed. The father was yelling for help. He was tied up. Max bit on the rope to undo the knot. Alex checked to make sure no one was looking. Alex asked his father, “where is mom?” His father responded, “they took her down to the ocean.” The three headed toward the ocean. They rescued his mother and headed back to the church. When they got there the priest was nowhere to be found. However, he found his two sisters. Alex asked, “where is the priest?” Bri explained, “he never returned when he went out to get us all food.” The two sisters got excited about max. The parents let Max know that he was part of the family and let Alex know how brave he was. Alex and Max were known as

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