Personal Narrative Essay

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Baseball is an exciting sport. One sport that has been enjoyed by many people. Fans eat hot dogs and peanuts while watching the game. Pichers pitch. Catchers catch. Batters hit the ball and run. Fans cheer. Fans hope that their team will be the team to score the most runs. When I smelled the pink rose. A huge bumblebee flew out. I ran away as fast as I could run. Not fast enough. The bumblebee stung me. I cried. I've been afraid of bees since that day. The audience howled with laughter. The comedian enjoyed a moment of triumph. He had always dreamed of being on stage. He had wanted to help people forget their troubles for a short time. Finally, he was there. Our image of dentistry is changing; many dentists use lasers instead of drills. No Novocain. The laser hurts a little, but the…show more content…
Because he was kind and gentle. She hoped he would ask her to marry him. Soon. She didn't care if they were married in a big wedding; she wanted to be his wife. Ralph eats too much fast-food and sugary treats. He likes soda pop. His favorite candy is red licorice. He hates vegetables. He hates avocados. In fact, he won't eat anything green. Not even green candy. However, all his teeth are green, and they have cavities. The chocolate cake tasted divine. The cake was light and sweet. The dark chocolate frosting was buttery and rich. Swirling around in a beautiful design. Around the edges, chocolate See's candies were used for decorations, too. I remembered the cocoa. I bought Hersey's cocoa. I can't remember everything. If I forgot the marshmallows. You shouldn't complain. The marshmallows were only an extra item. In huge, heavy drops, the rain splashed down from the sky. Joe could hardly see the road from inside his car. However, he was in a hurry. He didn't slow down. The windshield wipers working hard. His lights on high beam. Suddenly, a deer jumped across the road in front of his car. He hit the brakes. The tires squealed, but the car hit the deer

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