Stress Related Hormone Research Paper

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Illness Illness causes stress-related hormones to attack the body. While these hormones can help you to fight off illness, they can also cause a significant rise in your blood sugar. Not only does illness cause stress-related hormones to instigate blood sugar fluctuations, but it can also cause changes in appetite. This may make it more difficult to control your diabetes. • Work closely with your health care professionals to create a sick day plan. Make sure that this plan includes instructions on what medications are necessary, the frequency you should take your blood sugar and how to adjust your insulin levels. You should also note when you should call your doctor and what symptoms should call for emergency medical care. • Make sure that you continue to take your medication. If you are sick to…show more content…
If your doctor recommends that you continue your insulin regimen, you may need to sip lightly sweetened drinks, like tea, sports drinks or other drinks recommended by your doctor. This will keep your blood sugar from dropping too low. Drinking Alcohol Typically, the liver releases stored sugar levels. However, when the liver is metabolizing alcohol, your blood sugar may go ignored during this period of time. This means that during this time, your blood sugar can either increase, or decrease drastically. Most diabetics experience extremely low blood sugars after they drink. These low blood sugars can last for up to 24 hours after you stop drinking. • You should talk to your doctor to determine whether or not you should drink or whether or not it will aggravate your diabetes or suffer from complications. Complications associated with a diabetic who drinks frequently can suffer severe nerve damage or eye disease. Typically, for a diabetic who has their disorder under control moderate alcohol consumption is safe. Keep in mind that moderate alcohol consumption is no more than one drink per

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