Examples Of Power In The Crucible

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The Thirst for Power Attention can change a person’s personality in a positive or negative way. Humans are generally dragged towards the negative side because it is more appealing. Justin Bieber got fame and attention too quickly which caused him to make poor choices in life. Arthur Miller depicts how getting attention changes the antagonist, Abigail Williams, in his play The Crucible, which nearly ruined Salem in 1692. In the play, Abigail’s attention-seeking personality, her thirst for power and her search for revenge drive her to accuse innocent Salem citizens of witchcraft. Although Abigail became the center of attention in Salem, her original low social status compels her to seek power and attention, causing her to preserve her power…show more content…
Proctor plants the roots in Abigail and she now feels that he was the one “ that took me away from my sleep and put knowledge in my heart!” (24). John had an affair with Abigail when she was working as a servant for the Proctors. Proctor initiated the spark and warm feeling of affection and attention in Abigail. He made her feel special and unique; she had never felt like this before and she enjoys these new feelings. Abigail’s desire for power was initiated by Proctor and he is part to blame for Abigail’s accusations. When Proctor pulled away from Abigail she tried to yield him back by setting a goal for herself. She uses the court and the girls to achieve her goal: to get her lover back. She makes the girls lie with her, and she blackmails people, in order to accomplish her goal. She does not perceive that her actions are causing lifetime problems to innocent people; she only selfishly cares about her goal and how she is able to accomplish it. Even though Abigail is portrayed as the main person to blame, if Proctor never committed adultery with her, she would have never looked for
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