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7:00 PM and closing time. The bitter smell of sanitizing wipes permeated the clinic as the doctor and nurse were getting ready to leave. Trash was emptied and the “long-awaited” weekend was just moments away. Yet, an unexpected visit was about to change the course of events that night. A short man in his fifties, with rough hands and curly grey hair walked into the clinic. His name was Alberto, a pyrotechnician who had rushed over from work after suffering from an adverse reaction to medication. Without hesitation, the doctor decided to take a look at him. In my case, this meant staying extra time in respect to clinic protocols. During my time at Volunteers in Medicine, a free clinic that provides care to the medically underserved, I would witness many cases like Alberto’s. When he came out, a radiant smile lit up his face. He had once again found peace and security. Giving up an extra hour was nothing compared to the ecstatic feeling of bringing back happiness and relief in Alberto’s life.…show more content…
Mazzarella-Farao, the general surgeon who I volunteered for during the summer of sophomore year. Under his supervision, I assisted preoperative and postoperative surgical patients by feeding them, helping them walk, and making sure they had no acute pain after their operation. Witnessing the emotional distress and comforting these patients was something new to me. Only then did I realize that medicine is not always a bed of roses. With Dr. Mazzarella-Farao, I also spent a significant amount of time learning about the different facets of the medical profession. He once told me: “Medicine is a life-long process worth every second.” His argument was that becoming a surgeon is not an easy path. It takes time and effort, but surely is a very rewarding career. His words represented a challenging yet motivating side of medicine I had never realized before. For this reason, I was determined to explore this career path even

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