Personal Narrative: Youngsville Elementary To Go Home

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One Tuesday afternoon, I was riding the bus to Youngsville Elementary to go home. The school I attend is Early College, it starts twelve days before traditional school. A bus takes students to Cedar Creek Middle School, Franklinton Elementary, or Youngsville Elementary. Students can choose to get off at any school, I get off at Youngsville because it's closer to my house. My grandma picked me up since both of my parents work during the hours that I have to be picked up. I would text my grandma, “We are almost to the school.” She would respond “I am here as well.” The bus driver would drop us off, everyone would get in their car and we would all go in different directions. My grandma would drive her grey Toyota truck with a scent that smells…show more content…
We made one about how we thought we were going to make a 100 on our math test but made a 65. After we made three videos, the noodles were done. I ate them fast, so we could go outside. Once we went outside, we started doing “Hit the Quan” videos. We failed multiple times, but we eventually made a suitable video. After recording about five videos, I got my phone off of the top of the car and Leslye had gotten her phone and turned the music off. She went to ask her mom if we could drive her white Ford Escape. She came back outside with the keys and we got in the car. When I started to drive up the driveway, I realized the emergency brake was on. Leslye turned off the emergency brake then I stepped on the gas pedal and started dodging potholes. While I was driving on the dirt path, Leslye had my phone taking videos of us when we heard a thump but we didn't think much about it. I turned the radio on K97.5, so I could have music to drive along with. I got to the end of the dirt path and took a left onto the main road. When I looked out the windshield, I saw an enormous insect. We stopped at a church that’s down the road from Leslye’s house. I turned on a tiny road that looked like a exit lane. The church is on a hill, so we went down the hill then around the parking lot to behind the building. Leslye started screaming at me…show more content…
I didn’t hit it, so I stepped on the gas pedal and went up the angled parking lot. Before I got to the stop sign I put the turning signal on to go right. We went back to the dirt path and we tried to look for the item that fell off but we didn’t know what it was. When did this happen? I went passed her brick, brown, house. I went down the whole path and turned around in someone's yard. I went back up passed her house that's surrounded of trees with a little pond. We went to the other end of the dirt path. I had to turn the car around in the path, so I had to check if there were any cars coming any direction. I turned around then the back of the escape went down a ditch. Leslye was panicking because she thought I couldn’t get it out of the ditch. I stepped on the gas pedal and got us out, safe and sound. A couple seconds later, She was wondering where her phone was. We got back to the house and I parked her moms car back to where it was. Leslye was telling me how I reverse better than Darneli. We got out of the car and Leslye wondered where her phone was. She went inside and asked her mom if she took it in. She didn’t have it, so I started worrying. She thought it dropped when I had driving out of the driveway. We went looking around the the house to make sure she didn’t forget it anywhere. I told her that we should walk to the end of the dirt path and see. We

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