White Tail Deer Research Paper

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The white tail deer is a very important factor to many ecosystems throughout our world, and without them there could be catastrophic consequences. Imagine what would happen if all the white tail deer went extinct, how did they go extinct? Was it natural or did us humans have a factor in it? Maybe it was their habitat, maybe it was their Biome, not enough rain or nutrients for them to thrive on. However, they have adapted to their environment making survival much easier. Perhaps their ecosystem took a turn for the worst giving the deer no food. Without deer in our ecosystems the food chain will be messed up. Extinction is the wiping out of an entire species, if deer went extinct a lot of species would have a high possibility of going extinct as well. If there was no deer then what would the mountain lions feast on? They would have to move location to find more food or just face the fact of extinction for their own species. If there was no deer up in the foothills what would eat the grass, nothing would and it would overgrow and then summer would come along drying the grass out. A person could throw a cigaret in the grass and start a huge wildfire destroying an entire ecosystem. Deers extinction could happen because of us, we kill a lot of them every year, we cause wildfires that burn down their…show more content…
The plant starts in nice fertile ground, getting its energy from the sunlight and the nutritional ground. The plant grows and then the deer comes along and grazes on the plant. As the plant is digested it gives off its energy to the deer making it stronger and healthy. After the plant is striped from all its nutrients it gets packed in the large intestine of the deer and the deer drops it in its feces form. The left over nutrients sinks into the ground and dissolves making the ground fertile for the future plant generation and then the cycle is

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