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My story is far from anything spectacular, but for me, it has been the one most singularly life changing event of my life. It was the day that I almost lost my mother . After an amazing two week vacation with my family it took one plane trip to affect me in so many ways for which I really do not have words to describe. Yet, at the time I was eighteen years old on my way to becoming a high school graduate this strong, bold hard working independent young woman, at this moment I was scared girl on a plane trying to do everything in my power to keep my mother alive . Every year for Spring Break as a family we go on a vacation: two days in Miami and then eight days on a Carnival cruise. Last year we were finished exploring the Caribbean. Months…show more content…
Our first flight was to Atlanta they must have the worst airport it is always crowded and seems to always be under construction each year we have to go there. Noticing my mother was wheezing and coughing more than normal, but figured it was from all the walking we had done that morning so I took her bags so she would just have to carry her purse. My brother tried to help by carrying my backpack, but it was too much weight for him since had literally just had surgery two weeks before we left for vacation. Looking back to when we arrived at the gate finally and observing how tired she looked. Her face looked a little pale but I wasn’t sure if it just could've been the lighting in the airport. Walking through the tunnel the air was dry, very hot, and sticky almost like a sauna. The plane was a mob scene almost like Time Square on New Year’s Eve there people everywhere fighting for the luggage lockers my mom leaned over and whispered, “ Well, Lord you would’ve thought we were starring in the new Hunger Games: Destination Atlanta , the way these fools are acting.” All I could do was laugh our plane was so cramped my brother and dad were all the way in the back of the plane and my mother and I were in the middle, we were like a can of sardines all compacted in the miniature plane . Once everyone was seated and the flight attendants did the safety demonstrations we took off. My mom kept saying how stuffy she was and then she started coughing really hard. Normally her cough was like one of someone who has a little cold now it sounded like a old time smoker mixed with a person with a disturbing upper respiratory infection. She finally was able to get it under control and the coughing lapsed which startled me because she was never able to do that before, but we were both terribly fatigued and fell
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