Personal Narrative: Broken Into The Store

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“Ding Ding” Someone had broken into the store! I knew he was in the store because I also heard a window break by the entrance. I started to patrol around Walmart to see where the robber was. I went past a mirror that was in the clothes section and looked at it and, I thought it was the robber. But, unfortunately, it was just my normal 6’4 18 year old self. Then, I went off looking for the burglar. I went to the bathrooms first because I knew the entrance was by the bathrooms. I was really scared and nervous. But I thought back on all of the little bit of training I did before this specific event. I kept on thinking about me not being able to stop the robber, but, I put all of my countless worries behind me and continued to look around…show more content…
Two days after the robbery I started to train because I knew it was not going to be easy to get the robber the next time he may or may not come. The training was really turning into a success. since I did something really hard really good i decided to do something that was out of my comfort zone. It was something that I was really allergic and weak to and that was walnuts. I tried to make myself immune to walnuts but I failed miserably and I got sick for 1 day. So after experiencing that I decided to focus on things that I knew I could accomplish. I did something I knew I could do and that was to get booby traps to get the robber and I had done it I got all the booby traps from a secret store. I thought a lot that night, i still wondered if I wanted to do this, was it really worth the risk? But, I remembered what my mom told me,”Do what you are called out to do.” So, I listened to what she had said before and basically used her as motivation and as a teacher. I was still going to what I promised myself. I met up with my friend Tyrone who was very athletic man. I asked if he could help me catch the robber. He said,” yes, anything to help.” From that very moment I knew we would become really good

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