Personal Narrative

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4:43 pm. The evening sun’s rays shone through the bare branches of the weeping willows and oak trees. The scent of slightly burnt wood and manure tickled my nose, and fat white clouds leisurely traveled along the horizon. The air was warm, but not enough to walk about without a thick sweater. It was the kind of weather that invited people to come out of their apartments and admire the beauty of the city during the winter before trees begin to shed their first leaves. I was seated on a creaky, old wooden bench in Tompkins Square Park, the pink and black leash of my dog’s collar tucked beneath my denim clad thighs. A black spiral notebook was on my lap with a pink pen latched on the metal rings. I turned the pages to a blank sheet with the idea of watching someone to write about in my descriptive essay hot on the frontal lobe of my brain. Suddenly, from my peripheral vision, I saw a blur of black and denim; the wooden bench sinking closer toward the cobblestone pathway beneath my feet. My dog’s floppy black ears perched up as she sniffed at the new comers.…show more content…
I had estimated that he was about twenty or twenty-one and even seated he towered gracefully above his girlfriend. She looked around sixteen or seventeen, her face still holding the stubborn baggage of baby weight. Her chocolate skin tone was also a sharp contrast to his much lighter complexion. However, needless to say, her boyfriend’s features were remarkable. His eyes were a light, dreamy blue and his eyelashes were almost invisible because he was so blonde. The stubble dusting across his chin, upper lip and cheeks were a much darker shade of blonde; almost a dirty blonde. The well kempt facial hair highlighted his angular bone structure and admirable
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