Commentary On Amos Decker's Murder

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Amos Decker, who never forgets anything, is in a search to find a murderer and their accomplice who killed his family, shot up a school, and killed two fellow police officers. He knows all the murders are connected because each murder has a note for him. The notes are just a series of games that he has to try and figure out, but will it be too late before he can solve the crimes? In this journal I will illustrate Amos’ search for the killer and their partner, the killers motives and search for internal peace, and Alex Jamison trying to right her wrongs. Belinda, the killer, since she was aware of her condition was searching to find herself. Belinda was born with one testis and one ovary. Somehow the news spread throughout her school and a cop, the assistant principal, and five football players raped her. Afterwards she was beaten and thrown in the dumpster to die. She got hyperthymesia and synesthesia, just like Decker, from this event. After the incident she went to the mental hospital that Decker was in at the same time. The reason she killed Decker’s family is because he said in group therapy that he wanted to be a cop and she thought all cops were bad. This quote shows the reader that Wyatt wanted somebody to pay for what happened to her. She would not have murdered anyone though, were it not for Sebastian Leopold, who convinced her to do the killing, but he had his own plan in mind. He knew that her dead parents had 10 million dollars in the bank, so he was just using Wyatt for money.…show more content…
This quote shows that she was really sorry and she went on to offer her help with anything he needed. She drove them to Chicago, Illinois and she also helped him go through his storage locker. At the end of the book she gets offered a job that would involve working with

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