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When the Church of England drove the Puritans straight out of the Old World, the opportunity to create a model colony that pleased God, was an opportunity Puritans could not pass up. As they arrived in 1630, Puritans immediately set the goal of being the upstanding, model community that would set the example for other societies in the future. Puritans’ morals influenced how their society was governed in every way. Strong, Theocratic, ideals and a strong work ethic, both contributed to their prosperity as a whole. The Puritans’ ability to stay focused, and maintain their “City on a Hill” influence, kept them alive and lucrative. While the Puritans’ belief system had a strong grip on their personal beings, society as a whole was guided by…show more content…
John Winthrop explained to his peers the importance of being a hard-working society. In the case of failure, the Puritans would be mocked, and not commended. In short, the amount of labor in the establishment of the colony may seem excessive yet it will all be for God’s glory. (Document A.) The purpose of Winthrop’s pronouncement was to set an ethical standard that all must follow. Shown in the Arabella Covenant, Winthrop goes on to explain that as long as the Puritans’ social relationships were familiar, they are considered one body. As one body works together, so should they. Because of this moral compass’ high influence on society, government was considered a hindrance to a closer relationship with God. John Cotton addresses the Puritans when he explains that all government should be limited that may infringe on God’s power. He goes on to explain that God limits power given to man, wives should be submissive to their husbands and children and servants…show more content…
Unity, a leading characteristic of the Puritan colony was reiterated as highly important before the colonists had first arrived in the New World. John Winthrop, the leader of the first batch of Puritans, explained that all must work, for united success. Again, if everyone fails, then the Puritans would be scorned. (Document A) Winthrop’s point of view was that the Puritans were chosen by God to be a “City on a Hill”. The idea of cooperation was deemed imperative to the community. Any other option caused failure. Education, a highly regarded value, was influential in everyday life. It is said that as soon as the physical construction of the settlement was complete, the building of minds was commenced. The proper advancement of learning was due to the lack of ministers in the colony. (Document C). The purpose of this document was to provide insight and information about the lack of ministers and illiterate churches. In fact, schools such as Harvard and Yale were both founded to educate ministers. When Public schools were established, the Massachusetts School Laws of 1642 and 1647 made sure to implement religious values in schooling. A mindset of motivation and self-determination was an important factor in the life of a Puritan. The death of Puritan Robert Keanye proved to be an opportunity to display all of his worldly deeds. Keanye claimed to

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