Job Corps Accomplishments

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Hi, my name is Faith Nelson and I would like to talk about my journey in Philadelphia Job Corps. I started Job Corps because I want to get my high school diploma, but I also always wanted to work in the health field. I dropped out of high school when I was in the 11th grade, the reason I dropped out was because at the time I didn’t have a stable place to stay. Prior to my dropping out I was working and living on my own. I lost my job and no longer could afford to maintain my household so I dropped out because I missed too many days. I was hopping from home to home. Now I have a two year old daughter and I want to be someone she looks up to in life so I made the choice to go back to school. One of the reasons I decided to come to Job Corps is because I heard a lot about the program through friends and family that has been in the program. I made the choice to first try to come to Job Corps when I was pregnant with my daughter but I was too…show more content…
These are just some of the career success standards that I have learned being in Job Corps. A lot of people learn different lessons while being in Job Corps some people take everything they offer and run with it and make the best of it all. To me, being in Job Corps was like extending my family I’ve made lifelong friends not in just the students but also the instructors and staff. I’ve learned a lot being in Job Corps things I think will be with me for the rest of my life it has been a great learning experience. I’ve made myself and family proud on all I accomplished and how much I’ve grown since being enrolled in the program. My instructor is a great help and a wonderful teacher she made learning about being a Medical Assistant easy and simple. I appreciate everyone one who helped me complete my dreams in Job Corps and I will take these lessons with me for lifelong
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