How Soccer Shaped Me Analysis

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For all four years that I was a student at Lenoir City High School, I played varsity soccer. Throughout my participation in this sport, I acquired skills that no other activity or individual could have ever taught me. The physical game of soccer allowed me to enhance my quick thinking and keep my physicality, but the mental game and responsibility that followed the sport was what shaped me in ways that have impacted me the most in my daily life. For me, soccer was more that just a way to stay in shape. As a student, I have always had the drive to achieve any task placed in front of me, but soccer was a task that consumed much more of myself than any other activity I had faced. Since I was an inexperienced player, starting the sport during my eight grade year, I was inclined to work hard to quickly obtain the skills necessary to participate in a functional manner. After I attained more ball skills and game knowledge, my sophomore year I tried out for a very notable club soccer team, FC Alliance, located in Knoxville, Tennessee. I was thrilled to find…show more content…
By being a part of such a large group of people on a daily basis, I was able to express myself and build self-assurance around a sizable group. The girls that I was able to play with shaped me in ways unimaginable; they picked me up when I fell down, fought for me when I needed someone to back me up, and defended me in my time of need. They taught me how to challenge myself, how to appreciate myself, and most importantly: how to express myself in a more confident manner than I ever had before. Through the blood, sweat, and tears we shared throughout the years, these incredible ladies have truly grown to be my best friends, and I will forever be thankful for all that they have done for me. So, most importantly: the sport of soccer has taught me the lesson of untaintable

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