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I am interested in the field of human service professionals because the career paths have numerous possibilities of employment. There is an abundance of opportunity to work with several different kinds of people from children to senior citizens in a variety of areas. The career fields will allow for me to serve others while also achieving personal career growth. I look forward to engaging with people on an individual and personal level or small group settings. I feel that human service professionals are an important part of the community who can help bring hope and encouragement to others. I want to be a human service professional because it will be a career that is meaningful to me. I aspire to be an educated professional in the workplace and in my home life, to still be a mother that is available for my children. I feel that I can find a balance between work and home life with a human service career.…show more content…
I was also an insurance agent for a few years before the birth of my first son and then I became a stay at home mom. From my work history, I have learned that I do not want to be in that type of work anymore. My work history also does not give me much experience in the human services field. My current experience that I have for this field is, personal experience as a mother and the life changing perspectives that has given me. Parenthood has taught me more empathy and understanding about real life struggles. Additionally, I have volunteer experience with preschool and elementary schools because I have been actively involved with my children’s schooling. I also have volunteer experience in the children’s ministry with my church. I would feel confident working with children and families. I have a strong understanding of the unique challenges that comes along with

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